States. Tools. Or products of being. Effects in THE RUDENESS OF SOUL.


I have wanted to share this excerpt for a while now and here it is. I just like to make fun of it as Erotica. It has no erotica but it is rated R. This book will no longer be available in ebook format when The Excerpt for Roma&Retina:the Iris Evolution is available. Here is a warning from Dew (She won’t share without this instruction) if you want to buy this book on Kindle or in print on Amazon, she wants you to print the product page before you buy it, and then print the product page some thirty minutes to an hour after you buy it. She wants you to compare the two so you will know what sort of book you’re buying. Just to be sure. She will explain later. Otherwise buy from Barnes&Nobles in print. Here is my excerpt Selection from this interracial romance written by Dew Platt, the only, the last of its kind, GEEK EROTICA from The Polar Pact by Dew Platt. THE POLAR PACT EXCERPT.

Conflict’s Insight

I must admit that conflict gets me to the thinking edge. Stress is a productivity instigator for me. And sometimes I wanna say it. Go ahead, say something stupid! Force me to reason. My conflict is as sharp as a knife embedded ay the deep end’s insight. But I never truly wish upon a conflicted star. I adore simplicity. Synopsis for Roma&Retina: the Iris Evolution.

The Speed of Dark

Death is standing still and translucent. Yet we hold headstrong, consistent and true. We’re running in multitudes through it at the speed of dark—Dew Platt Synopsis for Roma&Retina: the Iris Evolution.

Two smartest People on the Planet

I have figured the two smartest people on the planet must be one, the first person that conceived of “freedom of Speech” and two, whoever it was that said, “Power Corrupts Absolutely.” Synopsis for Roma&Retina: the Iris Evolution.


I have noticed that there is a difference between time spent breathing and life lived. And the difference is, resonance—Dew Platt

Synopsis for Roma&Retina: the Iris Evolution.

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