Frost Platt?

What the …? Clikerty-click. So, there are some searches that are related to searches for “Dew Platt.” One of which is “Doo Platt,” or “Due Platt.” But “Frost Platt?” I am going to assume the following happened. Someone entered “Frost Platt,” and Google goes, “What the …?” like I did. Who the heck names him or herself Frost Platt? No offense to Frost Platt out there wherever he is. But let’s rewind. Before the guy (I think a guy did this, that is, if it really happened) entered it, he thought about what possible name it was someone told him about. He remembers “Platt,” but can’t place the first name. so he goes thinking. It is the name of something that has to do with weather, environment or something like that. He goes, “maybe it is Storm Platt.” He reasons like me at that moment. Goes, “who the heck names himself Storm Platt?” So he weighs the options and settles for “Frost Platt.” And I still can’t help but go, “What the …?” Note: (did the morning entry today…wanted to try it.)



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