Boiling Pot!

Oh…the pot is boiling! But why is Dew always so patient…always so self-assured even when everything is in chaos you ask? Because with Dew you’ve encountered that individual who is sure of her craft and her abilities to weather what storm may come. She has had practice…But let’s get down to the pot that’s boiling. Smart people are talking about Dew’s book and someone they believed gave a review without reading the book. Now, this is not the first time it happened, but it’s the first time smart people talk about it…and oh it is EXCITING! Dew is the writer; I’m the web junkie…so I find stuff. I found it. And I go to Dew. She is not shocked, but still wonders why it would happen, a vision of just who the devil is not far from her mind. But she’s happy smart people are discussing her book. Remembers she gave a free copy to the library. So I go, what are you going to say about it. She goes I don’t know nothing. And I say well I will. And she goes you don’t know nothing either…And I go how I can not know anything and still win. I go to Brisha…Brisha says I know everything…and Dew couldn’t stop her. And here I was thinking talking about Dew’s sex life will be more interesting. THIS WAY SURPASSES THAT…well…really …because there is nothing to tell at the moment…What’s the controversy about–Illicit Escapes–Brisha will direct you to the boiling pot in the comments…well…because I don’t know nothing…but BRISHA DOES….rocking planet cool….I love this!  And Brisha says, Dew is “the hardest working progressive African American writer on the Planet.” I thought I was the only one that noticed…although I still don’t know nothing… now go to the comments to discover the boiling pot… 



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  1. Brisha
    Sep 29, 2009 @ 14:08:41


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