Eccentric You Said?

Young Adults, one of the reasons I believe you should read Darkness Abiding is because it’s very different from The Adventures of Silli Page, although it’s done by the same Author. If you have not noticed the difference with The Adventures of Silli Page Excerpt, believe me, when you read the book, you will. In the blog entry Young Adult’s you’re Official, I will tell you how Dew in a conversation redefined the word “eccentric,” with a personal statement. Young Adults I’m sure you’re smarter than that, you’re your own person—when you see what’s good, no one else has to tell you it’s so. OH YES IT’S COMING! THE ADVENTURES OF SILLI PAGE: THE CASE OF BENJAMIN LAIRE IS COMING TO KINDLE! From beginning to the end, the murder, the mystery, the style, the humor, the lines is something that is totally new. Silli Page and Molly Rines make Eccentric the new cool! And you can’t say you can’t get your hands on it, either on the kindle gadget or the nearest computer. Young Adults, you’re Official, on Dew’s blog.

For character profiles and everything else about the Adventures of Silli Page visit    ADVENTURES OF SILLI PAGE WEBPAGE

Darkness Abiding Available on Your PC! 

 Darkness Abiding Excerpt. 

Darkness Abiding ON KINDLE


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