Take Mccrystal out!

One good thing about being a writer rather than a journalist is that you can reason things out more thoroughly while you report them. On that note, power is intoxicating and I truly believe the more powerful you become sometimes, especially when you hold a public role, the more sobber you should become. Obama has been seen as “cool,” but there are times like this that he has to show that “cool” is reasonable. Show that the power Mccrystal has should allow him(Mccrystal)to understand sobriety. That he can not hold that position and talk nonesense about him or his staff. He can not hold that position and sit relaxed in such conversations with Rolling Stone. But most importantly Obama needs to show that he can “fire” people when they deserve exactly that. Show the COMMANDER IN CHIEF IN ACTION! Through a transition phase for an incoming millitary official or outrightly, Obama needs to take Mccrystal the freak out!Synopsis for Roma&Retina: the Iris Evolution. FREE SHIPPING FROM MY CREATESPACE STORE THE RECOMMENDATION



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